Ganglion Removal

Ganglion Removal

A ganglion cyst is a non-malignant growth that can appear around a joint on the wrist, hand or fingers. The fluid-filled sac is not usually a serious medical problem, but it can be unsightly. If your cyst enlarges, it can also press on nerves, causing significant pain and possibly prohibiting you from performing certain tasks. The more you use the affected joint, the larger the cyst can grow.

Ganglion cysts that become very large and/or painful, or prohibit you from performing some activities may require surgical intervention. If you are a candidate for surgical ganglion cyst removal, your best choice is a plastic surgeon who also has extensive experience in hand procedures, like Dr Teston. This ensures that not only will your problem be effectively treated, but you will enjoy the best possible cosmetic result as well. This may be particularly true with large cysts, where removal can leave disfiguring scarring behind.

Before Your Surgery

Patients with a ganglion cyst may try other treatment options before turning to surgery. Those treatments might include:

  • Splinting – In some cases, a ganglion cyst may resolve on its own. Your physician may recommend you wear a splint, immobilising the affected joint to encourage this resolution. When the joint is less mobile, the cyst is less likely to grow and may even reduce in size.
  • Aspiration – Ganglion cysts are filled with a clear fluid. Aspiration utilises a needle to drain the fluid from the cyst to eliminate the growth. While aspiration can offer immediate improvement, the recurrence rate after this treatment is relatively high.
  • Surgical Removal – Surgery involves full removal of the cyst, including the stalk, to minimise the likelihood of recurrence. Once the cyst is removed, the skin will be sutured back together to create a smoother surface. When a plastic surgeon performs your procedure, great care will be taken to restore the cosmetic appearance of the hand as well.

Surgery is recommended for patients that have very large ganglion cysts or growths that cause pain or interfere with function. Dr Teston will examine your ganglion cyst in her office to determine whether surgery is the right choice for you.

During Your Procedure

Dr Teston will perform your ganglion cyst removal in an accredited medical facility uusing local anaesthesia combined with sedation or general anaesthesia. An incision is made to completely cut out the cyst, including the sac, to reduce the risk of the cyst re-forming in the future. She will carefully suture the incision closed once the cyst is removed, to minimise visible scarring after your procedure.

You will likely return home the same day as your procedure, as Dr Teston usually performs ganglion cyst removal as a day surgery. If you had general anaesthesia, you would need to have someone with you for the first 24 hours to ensure your recovery begins safely and comfortably. You will be encouraged to keep the treated hand elevated above heart level as much as possible to minimise swelling around your incision. Your hand will also be splinted to keep it as immobile as possible while healing takes place.

After Your Surgery

Recovery time after ganglion cyst removal may vary, based on the extent of your procedure. Dr Teston will monitor your recovery process to ensure your incisions heal well, so that scarring will be minimal. After your recovery is complete, your results may be permanent. However, even after surgical intervention, there is always a small chance the cyst could reform over time.

A ganglion cyst may cause physical pain, functional limitations, and cosmetic embarrassment. To find out if surgical removal is the right choice for you, contact Dr Teston’s office today on (02) 9708 3511.

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