Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so it deserves the highest level of care you can provide. When problems occur, whether they are serious medical concerns or cosmetic nuisances, finding the right physician for the job is imperative for the best possible outcome. In addition to properly treating the issue, you want a doctor that will leave you with the most pleasing aesthetic results. That is why your choice should be an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Teston, who possesses the knowledge and experience to handle all of your skin’s needs.

When growths appear on the skin, they can be alarming as well as unsightly. Your first objective is to rule out any malignancy or other significant medical problem. The next step is often removal of the growth, even if it is determined to be benign, to create a more attractive cosmetic appearance. A plastic surgeon is trained to first put your worries at rest, and then to perform the excision of the growth or bump using state-of-the-art techniques designed to minimise scarring and produce a positive overall outcome.

Skin Cancer Removal

A diagnosis of skin cancer is some of the most frightening news you will ever hear. Fortunately, the majority of skin cancers can be surgically removed with no further medical treatment required. The key to effective skin cancer treatment is to make an appointment with Dr Teston or your family physician at the first sign of a problem. The earlier skin cancer is treated, the better the prognosis and the cosmetic result of the removal process.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Australians have the highest incidence of skin cancer across the globe. With so many men and women suffering the effects of the harsh sun here, awareness of skin cancer is a must. If you notice any new moles developing or changes to current marks, schedule an evaluation as soon as possible. Dr Teston offers skin cancer removal that will eradicate the cancer cells while minimising scarring and providing you with the best aesthetic result possible.


Lipomas are harmless lumps that can appear anywhere on the body and are filled with fatty tissue. They tend to be soft, movable and usually painless, unless they grow very large. While they do not need to be removed for any medical reason, patients often choose to have them excised if they are a cosmetic embarrassment or interfere with function in any way.

Dr Teston removes lipomas of all sizes in an accredited medical facility, using either local or general anaesthesia to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. She will take special care to place incisions in inconspicuous locations whenever she can, and uses suturing techniques designed to minimise visible scarring as much as possible.

Some lipomas are suitable to remove by liposuction which only leaves a tiny scar. Dr Teston will advise you whether your lipoma is suitable for this method. She will remove a single lump or multiple lipomas during one surgery when appropriate.


When our skin suffers any wound, through injury, disease or surgery, a scar is always left behind. In some cases, a scar will blend fairly well with surrounding skin, making it less prominent from a cosmetic viewpoint. Other scars may remain quite large and obtrusive, interfering with your appearance and even your function at times. In these situations, scar revision surgery can reduce the appearance of the mark and provide you with a better cosmetic result.

Dr Teston offers a variety of techniques in scar revision so that she can tailor the procedure to the unique characteristics of the scar and the individual needs of the patient. Small scars can be revised using local anaesthesia, while more complex cases may require general anaesthesia and an overnight stay in an accredited hospital. It takes many months to fully heal after this procedure, but once you do, you will likely see a much more aesthetically pleasing mark than your original scar.


Cysts are sacs filled with fluid or semi-fluid substances. These growths are also harmless, although they can become infected in some cases. Infected cysts must be treated before they can be removed, to ensure patient comfort during the procedure and to prevent recurrence of the cyst. When a cyst is excised, the complete sac must also be taken out to ensure the cyst does not reform after surgery.

Cysts do not have to be removed in most cases, but patients often choose this option for cosmetic reasons. You might also choose cyst removal if the cyst is large enough to cause irritation or restrict movement. Patients may also undergo cyst removal if there is concern over an infection. This procedure is performed in a similar fashion to the elimination of lipomas, with Dr Teston taking special care to leave as little evidence of scarring as possible.


Moles (or nevi) are raised brown spots that can appear anywhere on the body. They are particularly prominent in people with fair skin, and are usually harmless. However, it is important to monitor moles over time and report any changes to the marks to your physician as soon as possible. If a malignancy is suspected, the mole will likely be removed right away. Even if the mole is determined to be benign, you may decide to remove it for cosmetic or practical reasons.

Removal of small moles can be performed in Dr Teston’s office using local anaesthesia, and often takes 30 minutes or less to complete. Removal of larger moles or multiple moles may be done using general anaesthesia in an accredited hospital. Dr Teston will carefully and thoroughly perform the excision, ensuring the best possible outcome from your mole removal.

Birthmark Removal

As the name suggests, birthmarks are apparent from the moment of birth. In some cases, these marks can be extensive, restricting movement or development. Other birthmarks are more of a cosmetic eyesore, which may also prompt an individual to seek treatment. In some cases, birthmarks will improve over time, so unless the mark is interfering with a child’s development, it may be prudent to wait a few years before removing it. Adults can also have birthmarks removed once they are ready to say goodbye to the mark that has affected their appearance and their self-confidence.

Dr. Teston offers birthmark removal with the intention of producing the best possible cosmetic result after surgery. This means that while you will be trading your birthmark for a scar, Dr Teston will do everything she can to make that scar as inconspicuous as possible. With a variety of techniques at her disposal, you can rest assured Dr Teston will provide full eradication of the mark while creating a pleasing appearance overall.

No matter what your skin concerns might be, an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Teston can provide you with the results you want. Schedule your personal consultation today by phoning her office on (02) 9708 3511.

Procedures Offered

With more than two decades of experience in plastic surgery, Dr Teston is qualified to provide a broad range of plastic surgery procedures. Some of the choices available to her patients include:

Breast Enhancement

No matter what cosmetic goals you might have for your breasts, Dr Teston can help you achieve them. One of her specialties is correcting asymmetries between the breasts that cause a woman to feel self-conscious about her body. Other breast procedures offered by Dr Teston include:

Facial Improvements

Whether you are concerned about the effects of ageing or looking to correct an imperfection that has been nagging you throughout your adult life, Dr Teston offers procedures to enhance and refresh your appearance. She can customise any of the following to your specifications and facial proportions:

  • Facelift to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Eyelid surgery to correct drooping and rejuvenate the area around the eyes
  • Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping to create symmetry, remove imperfections, or restore the nose after injury
  • Otoplasty (or ear surgery) to correct ears that stick out or are disproportionately large
Body Contouring

Body contouring is an effective way to put the final touches on your body shape when you can’t get there with diet and exercise alone. Body contouring is usually recommended for patients that have achieved a healthy, stable weight and may include the following:

  • Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) to tighten and flatten the midsection
  • Lift procedures to shape and firm the upper arms and thighs
  • Liposuction to remove isolated, stubborn areas of fat from nearly anywhere on the body
  • Labiaplasty to correct discomfort due to either developmental or hormonal enlargements or scarring
Skin Treatments

As the largest organ of the body, the skin deserves special attention. When you want to get rid of unsightly moles, fatty lumps, or other concerns, Dr Teston is prepared to eliminate the blemish and leave the best cosmetic results behind. Some of the concerns Dr Teston can treat include:

Hand Restoration

Your hands are one of the most functional and visible parts of the body, and when they are injured or affected by a debilitating condition, the effects on your life can be dramatic. Dr Teston offers hand surgery to treat many of these concerns, with the following being some of the hand conditions she treats:

When you are in search of a plastic surgeon in Sydney, Dr Teston offers a valuable female perspective, extensive training and experience, and a commitment to the highest level of patient care. To learn more about our practice, contact our office today at (02) 9708 3511.